Midwifery Services

Free consultation

Choosing the location of your birth is a very personal decision. Not sure if an out of hospital birth is right for you? Come meet with us and talk about your options.

prenatal care

Prenatal office visits are scheduled every four weeks until week 28, at which time they increase to every two weeks. At 36 weeks we will meet with you weekly until the birth. We will also schedule a home visit for planned home deliveries. Prenatal visits usually range from 30-45 minutes, which allows time to assess your blood pressure and pulse, and check for fetal growth, position and heart rate. This is also a time to answer questions, address concerns and provide client education. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend appointments.

Labor and Birth

Postpartum Care

We will follow up with you and your baby in your home between 24-48 hours after the birth. You will then continue to come to our office at 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks after birth. These visits are important as we continue to monitor your healing and transition in the postpartum period.

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